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Public escape and unexplained loss

by vanduc
Public escape and unexplained loss


Van Duc, Dercember 12th 2022
     To: People’s Committee of Bao Thanh Commune
          Valued Customers
          ASC Organization
We, Van Duc Food Co., Ltd. owner of Bao Thanh farming area. With the mission of providing responsible clean food to consumers, we are always aiming for sustainable aquaculture that is responsible for the environment, community and biodiversity. Specifically, our farming area has achieved Global Gap, BAP and ASC certifications. One of the criteria we commit to, and make publicly available as required by the Tropical Marine Finfish ASC Standard, is to disclose the number of escapes of farmed fish and explain the reason for the unexplained loss every year.
In 2022 our farm has an unexplained fish loss rate of 1.71%<4% (acceptable rate according to ASC standards). The reason for the unexplained fish loss rate is because the fish died at a young age and sank to the bottom, so the number could not be controlled. We are committed that this loss of fish is due to natural death, not due to disease or release into the environment.
We hereby commit to and announce that NO FISHES ESCAPE TO THE ENVIRONMENT IN THE CALENDAR YEAR 2022. To do that we always strictly follow all measures to prevent, prevent escape into the environment and keep full records related to the escape inspection.
Farm manager
         Tran Phuoc Tinh