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  • Further-Processing

    We have a specialized group of expert employees that specifically process for the Japanese market. They are well trained by Japanese professionals in seafood preparation, so we are confident in further-processing for any market throughout the world.

    For over a decade, Van Duc have been “Further-Processing” product for the Japanese market, items such as: • Nile Perch, • Salmon (sushi,kirimi, flake, barbecue, flame grill) • Pollack: (fillet, block) • Cod: (kirimi, fillet, block) • Yellow fin sole: (fillet, block) • Amaebi shrimp (sushi ) • Halibut ( sushi)

  • Processing

    Our company specialize in processingfrozenvalue added products. Our products are derived from many raw materials including pangasius, salmon, shrimp, barramundi, vegetables and potatoes. We have over fifteen years of experience in processing value added product. Initially our team were trained by a professional Chef from Denmark, hence many of our products being highly sought after ad suitable for the EU market and others.

    In addition we have our own product development team, with our NPD Manager being from a Western background with over thirty years cooking and product development experience. We follow global food trends throughout the globe and try to customize our products to suit those emerging trends.

    Products stuffed with Mousse and Sauce
    Breaded Product
    Tongue sole fish

  • Aquaculture

    Barramundi is a very sought after fish and Van Duc has invested in two aquaculture facilities for this species of fish. Currently we can supply over 1500 MT of premium barramundi per year.


    Our current Barramundi aquiculture facilities are as follows: • Binh Dai farm: 59 ponds, 266,000 m2 • Tan Phu Dong farm: 38 ponds, 185,000 m2